About Us

In August 2011 CAVEX® GmbH & Co. KG took over the worm gearbox range from Siemens AG (Flender CAVEX® worm gearboxes). The CAVEX® gearing that was developed by Flender gives unequalled durability and reliability in the worm gearbox section. We are continuing on this long history of quality and are still producing the complete range of Flender CAVEX® gearboxes. Our success story continues with our new CAVEX®compact worm gearboxes which set completely new standards in the areas of compactness, flexibility and cleanliness. With an efficiency ratio of up to 97%, these gearboxes are effective and sustainable. And all this at prices which are highly competitive.

Our CAVEX®HD range represents a stainless steel gearbox that is unequalled as far as hygiene is concerned. We adhere strictly to the demands of the food and pharma industries and have set new standards in these areas.

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