Company History

CAVEX® – The new gearing system is being patented by FLENDER.

FLENDER becomes the world’s number one gearbox manufacturer. Their success is based on the CAVEX® worm gearboxes which are being used in numerous industrial sectors and applications.

FLENDER is taken over by Siemens AG

SIEMENS – The production of CAVEX® worm wheel sets is outsourced to WELTER Zahnrad and Zahnradfertigung OTT

April 2011:
WELTER Zahnrad and Zahnradfertigung OTT establish CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG

July 2011:
CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG buys the CAVEX® brand from Siemens AG including all designs, models, calculation software and previous know-how.

August 2011:
Opening of the new CAVEX® assembly site in Ofterdingen, Germany

December 2011:
Delivery of the first worm gearboxes

Total turnover 2012:
Total turnover exceeds 10 million EUR

April 2013:
CAVEX GmbH & Co.KG attend the Hanover fair for the first time together with OTT and WELTER

April 2015:
At this year’s Hanover fair CAVEX® present the new compact range and the HD stainless steel gearboxes. This is the first time CAVEX® present products which have been developed completely from start to finish and they generate a lot of interest with them.

August 2015:
CAVEX® gearing systems celebrates its 60th anniversary and is more up-to-date than ever. Our quality promise still holds ...