7 Winning Arguments

1. Our superior CAVEX® gearing

Our worm gearboxes are quite unlike any other. We have been proving this with our patented CAVEX® gearing system in almost all industrial sectors across the world for more than 60 years. Our unique gearing geometry is far superior to standard worm gearboxes.

The name CAVEX® says it all, composed from the Latin word concavus, the profile on the worm, and convexus, the profile on the worm wheel. Thanks to worm teeth with a concave flank profile (concave worm) paired with convex worm wheels, CAVEX® worm gearboxes are far superior to comparable worm gearboxes of equal size. This combination of the teeth ensures better osculation of the flanks and thus leads to a lower flank pressure (Hertzian stress) and a better build-up of the lubrication film. The result: A higher torque transmission and an increase in service life by 30% due to lower wear and tear compared to other worm gearing systems.

2. The right size for (almost) any application

CAVEX® gearboxes – industrial gearboxes based on a modular design:

  • Single-stage basic gear for 18 different construction sizes with a centre distance of a=63mm to a=630mm, in certain applications even up to a=900mm
  • Simple expansion of the basic gear with a helical pre-stage with transmissions from 2 to 5 or with a worm gear pre-stage with transmissions from 5 to 70 for a total transmission of up to approximately 5000. Adapting to the desired output torque is usually possible without a frequency converter.
3. Highest range of transmissions
  • Single-stage CAVEX® gear for standard transmissions from 5 to 70
  • In addition, single-stage CAVEX® gearboxes with ratios over 100 are available on request
  • Transmissions of up to 350 can be achieved with the addition of a helical or planetary pre-stage
  • With two worm gear stages, a higher standard transmission of up to 5000, in certain customer applications of over 10,000, can be achieved
4. Gear efficiency of up to 97%

Energy efficiency plays an increasingly important part when deciding which gearbox to buy. Our CAVEX®-worm gearbox boasts efficiency rates of up to 97%. It can easily compete with any type of gearbox (e.g. bevel helical gears or planetary gears etc.). This defeats the argument that worm gearboxes have a low efficiency rate.

5. CAVEX® Gear design for ultimate reliability

Over 65 years of experience in the development of worm gearboxes speak for themselves. It is not unusual to find gearboxes that still work reliably after more than 30 years’ service. Quality-made German products as good as ever!

6. Noisy gearboxes? No way!
  • Our gearboxes are exceptionally quiet because of the CAVEX® gearing system with its optimised lubrication film build-up.
  • This is enhanced by the use of anti-vibration casing material such as grey cast iron.
  • Due to the high transmission rates in the various stages, fewer parts are needed. This leads to a reduction in the gear mesh which also reduces noise.
7. Individual & industry-specific solutions
  • Optional adaption of our standard gearboxes to the customer’s exact specifications
  • Industry-specific adaptation of our standard gearboxes
  • Developing tailor-made gearboxes for individual applications

CAVEX® - The Production Process

We produce worm wheel sets in various designs according to our customers’ drawings and with all standard specifications. Through the newly established CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG we are in a position to offer our customers our CAVEX® wheel sets which are a range of worm gear sets that have been proven over decades. Due to their high-level performance and their long service life CAVEX® wheel sets are the first choice among experienced engineers who design sophisticated machines and units such as:

  • packaging machines
  • food industry machines
  • rolling mills (scissors, coilers, roller tables)
  • mixing units and agitators
  • ship-building plant

In the case of machine tools with increased demands on accuracy and rigidity, the DUPLEX wheel set has become the set of choice in multiple applications. In this wheel set the worm is designed with an adjustable incline and thus allows an exact adjustment of the wheel set. This then allows a highly precisely finished product. The tooth profile of the CAVEX® wheel set enables long standing times and a high load capacity. The hollow flanks mean that the characteristics of the high quality bronze used for the wheel and the hardened worm can be fully exploited because flank pressures are significantly reduced and the lubrication of the teeth is greatly improved under all operating conditions. The hollow flanks also allow an especially high tooth base density. Thus, the wheel sets are highly resistant to high impact strains arising at small revolutions.

CAVEX® wheel sets are designed for the highest strains. We optimise the design of the gearing system with state-of-the-art calculation tools. We make sure CAVEX® wheel sets are highly reliable even under tough operating conditions. Every single wheel set is thoroughly checked.

Every wheel set is subjected to a geometrical test of worm and wheel during an exhaustive quality assurance procedure. The main testing focus is centred around the contact pattern. If the result meets with the high quality standards of our company, the wheel set can be delivered to our customers.


Our production range of wheel sets features the following:

  • Centre distance: 40 - 1400 mm
  • Transmissions: 1 to 180
  • Modules: 1 to 40
  • Worm tooth count: 1 to 12
  • Increased accuracy
  • Limited flank tolerance
  • Finished measurements according to customer specifications
  • Custom-made designs