Resume HMI 2018

With CAVEX®customized and CAVEX®condition monitoring we are continuing our innovations!

At the trade fair our visitors had the possibility to see a wide range of our product portfolio. The hygienic designed gearboxes, CAVEX®compact, worm gear sets with the special CAVEX® gearing and a conveyor belt that was driven by a HD-S 40 and a servomotor were part of our exhibition.

Of course, that was not all. With two novelties we were able to usher in a new era. Thanks to CAVEX®customized and CAVEX®condition monitoring we offer customized solutions and innovations.

The so-called CAVEX®customized provides gearboxes that are tailored to individual customer requirements. The CAVEX®condition monitoring will also offer significant advantages in the future. Permanent detection of the gearbox ensures safety and efficiency. This technology is currently being developed and optimized within a publicly sponsored research project and will be a part of our general gearbox program soon.

Many thanks to all our visitors for their interest in our products and the interesting discussions.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the Hanover fair 2019.