CAVEX® puts a new development testing system into operation

The new test bench is used both for tests during development stages and for customer-specific tests. With test bench dimensions of 3.5m x 2.7m a flexible set-up for all projects is given.


Our testing capabilities:

  • Servo operation
  • Cyclic operation
  • Continuous operation



  • Test bench concept: electrical back-to-back test bench
  • Maximum engine speed: 8000 min-1
  • Nominal torque of the motors: 100 Nm
  • Acceleration torque of the motors: 250 Nm
  • High-resolution sensors for speed, torque and temperature


High-resolution measurements:

  • Torque
  • Rotation speed
  • Temperature
  • Transmission error
  • Sound pressure level according to DIN EN 61672
  • Vibration velocity according to DIN ISO 10816/20816


Derivation of physical and technological characteristics:

  • Efficiency
  • Wear
  • Thermal time constant
  • Calculation algorithm for the steady-state temperature and the temperature profile


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Your CAVEX®-Team

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