CAVEX®compact - First gearbox has been delivered

The first gearbox of our new compact series CAVEX®compact has been delivered. The CAVEX® gearbox named CCSFW200 has a 2-stage helical pre-stage and motor. Consignee is the cement plant in Lauffen am Neckar owned by the Märker-Group. It is being used in a sand batcher.

The new gearbox series is characterized by its advantages:

Lightweight - as we reduced the gearbox design to its essentials, its weight is up to 20% lower than comparable gearboxes in the market.

Efficient - with our original CAVEX® gearing, we achieve the highest efficiency for worm gearboxes.

Flexible - due to our sophisticated new gearbox design, we are compatible to many other brands.

CAVEX®compact – 2-stage helical pre-stage and motor
CAVEX®compact CCSFW200 - 20% lower weight than comparable gearboxes

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