CAVEX®compact - Lightweight, efficient, flexible

Developing gearboxes to perfection

Convincing arguments speak for themselves:

  • Compact design
  • 20% less weight than comparable gearboxes
  • Original CAVEX® gearing with well known high efficiency

For many decades, CAVEX® have been standing for advanced technology with highest quality. With our new CAVEX®compact series, we now introduce a completely new design that has various additional advantages:

Lightweight - as we reduced the gearbox design to its essentials, its weight is up to 20% lower than comparable gearboxes in the market.

Efficient - with our original CAVEX® gearing, we achieve the highest efficiency for worm gearboxes.

Flexible - due to our sophisticated new gearbox design, we are compatible to many other brands.

The new standard in price and performance. Take our word for it!

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