A new stainless steel gear range by CAVEX®

Deliberately sophisticated

  • Developed for the food industry and chemical/pharmaceutical applications
  • Full stainless steel casing
  • CAVEX® original gearing system

Our worm gearboxes are quite unlike any other. This is what CAVEX® has been proving again and again for over 50 years.

This gearbox implements all the requirements of a “hygienic design” and combines them with other CAVEX® product properties such as a high load capacity, low noise emission and a compact form which also enables high transmissions in small spaces. CAVEX® now offers the first worm gearbox in the world which has been developed exclusively for the drink, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Optimal cleaning is possible through the use of stainless steel and a casing design that is characterized by ‘rounded’ outer surfaces. There are multiple uses: Firstly, the new hygienic gearboxes can replace conventional solutions that, up to now, had to be sealed off from critical zones behind complex stainless steel covers, and secondly, surface coated gearboxes can be replaced, as they had always been a compromise. The HD-S gearbox is available in the sizes 40 and 63. Furthermore, our customers benefit from worldwide availability and our comprehensive CAVEX® service network.

Technical data:

  • Hollow shaft
  • Mounting: flange or hollow shaft
  • Several mounting positions


Brochure CAVEX®hygienic

Broschure CAVEX®hygienic